Get your Heisman futures in now.

Tweeted at 2:22…… It’s a sign from the football gods.

Deuce Vaughn ran his way into my heart against Oklahoma today. If you weren’t watching college football all Saturday (nerd), here’s a brief montage of his body of work against the 3rd ranked Sooners.

The FIVE FOOT FIVE INCH true freshman balled out. He’s an inch smaller than former K-State and NFL back Darren Sproles, but he maybe just as good.

I know the Big-12 is allergic to defense and the kid has only had a few games, but I don’t care. Let me tell you two other great athletes who wore #22. The first is legendary running back Deuce Staley, and the second is ya boi. #22 is a big dick number. Hop on the Deuce Vaughn bandwagon while it’s hot, and watch out for him in a couple of years in the draft.

Deuce is Loose #DeuceForHeisman