I want to preface this blog with congratulating the Tampa Bay Lightning on winning the Stanley Cup. They were deserving of this, and I even had them winning at +600 back in May.

This years Stanley Cup was the hardest Cup to win in the history of all Cups. The bubble is like hockey jail (not as bad as real jail, but still very strict living), and they’ve been in there for about a quarter of the year. That’s a long ass time. It’s way harder to be separated from your family (unlike the NBA, but you can blame the Canadian government for that) than a hostile road game.

Despite overcoming all these extremely difficult challenges, I still feel bad for the Lightning. I feel bad that after their 1st Round loss last year to Columbus they dreamed about redemption and bringing the Cup to Tampa for the first time since ’04. I’m sure Hedman and the boys dreamed about hoisting that Cup in an arena with fans, even if it wasn’t there own.

I was personally pulling for the Bolts. They’ve been knocking on the door step for awhile now. Jon Cooper is a hell of a coach, despite being a lax bro at Hofstra. Great for Stamkos to get his name on the Cup, but sad he only played 1 game in series. Had he been fully healthy and dominant like we’ve seen him before, I think it would’ve been Lightning in 5.

Congrats to Tampa, you guys are a wagon. Here’s a pic of me rocking a fresh Vincent Lecavalier sweater at a snowday drink in college (didn’t go to SJU tho, that’s a corny place) #frat #hockey #untilnextpuckdrop.