Week 4, October 4th, Bengals v. Jaguars. Battle of the Big Cats, but we ain’t talking about cats at the moment. We are talking about a mf dawg. That dawg is friend of the program Doug Costin. We talked months ago about Doug getting signed as an undrafted FA from Miami Ohio (MACtion Champs), and since we talked about him, we’ve witnessed someone beat the odds and make an NFL roster. After 3 weeks of not suiting up, the son of two teachers is now getting his NFL debut on the road in Shitcinatti, oops I meant Cincinatti.

I talked to Doug last night, and he has ice water running through his veins. Call him Dougie Ice, move over Matt Ryan. He was focused, but relaxed, and carried his answers with a demeanor of professionalism I haven’t seen since we recreated the Krusty Krab pizza scene for a high school business project. I’m Jagged the frick up today, I got my Jags hat on, and I’m praying for Joe Burrow cause he wants NONE of the Jags D, especially when big #58 Doug “Junebug” Costin (yes, his nickname is Junebug) gets on that gridiron.

Best of luck to my guy, the Bookies Basement guy, and hopefully your new favorite player Doug Costin today. Give ’em hell kid. #DUUUVAAAALLLLL