Hank, why do ya gotta do me like that? Out of all the teams in the National, you choose to go to D.C.? I know it wasn’t your choice to leave the Big Apple. You were the king of that city, and probably (definitely) the best looking guy in that rat-infested town too. But if you love it, let it go, and the Rangers let him go.

When I first heard he was parting ways with the Rangers I was buzzin’. He has haunted, tormented, and tortured the Philadelphia Flyers and their fanbase for the past 15 years. I can’t remember ever seeing someone so dominant in net. He’s not a big guy compared to most NHL goalies, but something about seeing him in that Rangers script jersey made him seem like a giant in net.

Hank will most likely split time or be the #2 behind Samsanov, but he’s certainly an upgrade from Holtby who got moved to Vancouver.

I genuinely like Hank, I think he’s a legend, an easy first ballot HOF’er, and I’d trade both of my legs in to have a mug like his. But the guy just continues to haunt me and my Flyers. I wish Hank the best in Washington, but I will always wish Washington nothing but misfortune.