The NBA Finals Are Set: LeBron, Lakers Will Meet Butler, Heat – NBC Los  Angeles

The NBA Finals just got a lot more exciting after an exhilarating Heat win lead by Jimmy Buckets, forcing a game 6 that nobody really expected. To add to that-the uncertainty of AD’s health moving into the next game could create problems for the Lake-show.

This Heat team is about as gritty as it gets. I love everything about them. I love Pat Riley, and in an ideal world we would cruise around South Beach looking for tail. You love to see a 75 year old Udonis Haslem still ring-chasing and being a spiritual guru behind possibly the greatest coach of all time in Spo. From a technical standpoint, the team is actually awesome and legitimately well-rounded, the reality is I just don’t see them winning a championship in the current era of multiple-superstar teams.

Regardless of all this– what’s most important is that we are in the midst of an all-time hardo-off….The NBA Golden Boy, Bleacher Report pornographic material, the balding batman of hoops…VS. the alleged problem child, the man who made Karl Anthony Town’s figuratively lick white dog shit, “James” Butler.

I want to clear something up first in terms of hardo-ness. I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing to be a hardo in this case. If you’re a professional athlete, you better be a hardo. These dudes live absurd lives, they’re surrounded by cameras, and are real life superheros to small children and me.


For the most part, I do like LeBron. I’m pretty set on the idea that if you’re from my generation (18-30 range) and you have Jordan as your GOAT, you’re living a strange and misguided life. LeBron is an absolutely ridiculous athlete and what he’s doing at this age is unheard of. Additionally, the guy is a model citizen who’s never been in sort of media turmoil or controversy.

But, he’s also this guy…

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I have a few buddies who are complete Bron guys. I have even more buddies who absolutely hate him. I’m somewhere in the middle. I admire his greatness, but I do find it disingenuous to ignore or deny his ridiculous shenanigans. He’s kind of a corny dude who just happens to be the single greatest person to play the sport.

Exhibit A: LeBron addresses the media in the worlds littlest wrist cast after losing to the Warriors. Guy is dying to let everyone know he played injured. He also got it by punching a white-board because JR Smith had a flashback inspired by a muddy geeb.

LeBron James played with injured right hand for final three games |

I don’t even think we need to touch on The Decision. The televised summation of everything wrong with the lig. Preposterous stuff.


Jimmy Butler’s story is genuinely poetic. Heroic. From being homeless and being countlessly slept on, to proving himself as a top 10 guy in the league, a prolific scorer, and the heart of a god-damn lion. As a Sixers fan, it was devastating to see him walk as Elton Brand paraded Al Horford and Jason Richardson down Broad Street.

His attitude and mindset does not exist in the current scope of the NBA. His determination is nuts. I will say, I think it’s kind of a miss to assume he “works harder” than everyone else. Everyone who got the NBA, hell even got to Division 1 basketball, worked their ass of to get there. With that said, he works harder than everyone else.

The fact that he’s seen as a bully and as a locker room disturbance makes me love him even more. I mean Tyler Herro’s dad literally texted him to query if Buckets was being mean to him.


The Heat may seem to have the Lakers in a dangerous position, but I think they implode in Game 6.

I’ll take the Lakers 120 to Heat 97.