I don’t care if you hate soccer with a passion, if you don’t take the chance to win free money in the middle of a Tuesday you’re either a clown, or you’re a communist. UEFA Nations League games and World Cup Qualifiers in South America on the middle of the day on the 2nd to worst day of the week, that’s early week spice!

UEFA Nations League

I skipped out on the weekend Nation’s League games, but there’s not a chance I miss out on Tuesday footy. I’m taking action on 4/6 games. This is the kind of slate that will have you up before you even start thinking about the weekend games in CFB/NFL/EPL/etc.

So here’s what I’m on. I’m on a 4-team parlay with Germany, Spain, Faroe Islands (yes that’s a country), and Liechtenstein at +215. All these teams play against countries that either, 1.) Stink, and/or B.) are the size of Delaware. We ride with the bigger countries in Nations League, that’s just how it is.

South America WC Qualifying

I’ll admit it, the UEFA Nations League games kinda stink, and most definitely aren’t worth watching, but these South American games will be wild. They also mean way more. There won’t be any half-assing or hot dogging out of players out there. Everyone dreams of making it to the World Cup, so expect 100% from all our South American buddies.

Only dummies bet against Messi, and I’m not a dummy (this time). Give me the Argentines ML at -140 against Bolivia. In addition to that, I have them in a parlay with Brazil at +140. Uhh Uncle Barnes, where’s the ties??? Look no further than Columbia v. Chile at +210. I also love that over of 2.5 goals at +130. May also take the draw (+230) and the over of 2.5 (+110) in the Ecuador v. Uruguay match depending on how the earlier UEFA Nations League games go.

Enjoy this free day of soccer, there’s more to come Wednesday as well.