Yesterday was rough for the Nation League games. I made some rookie mistakes. The first, and biggest mistake, was riding with a 4-team parlay. That’s shooting from the hip when you have no aim. Great thing about mistakes is that we learn from them, and we don’t make the same mistake twice. So no 4-team parlay today for me, but still plenty of hot UEFA Nations League action to take. Let’s keep in mind that this is still a Covid effected league. Teams are pulling players from all over the world, and guys are running on tired legs. With all that said, it’s a Wednesday and we’ve been blessed with midweek footy again. Let’s capitalize on it, lads.

UEFA Nations League Big Board

There’s 20 Nations League games today… and if I’m being honest I thought about putting money on every single game. I really thought about letting it all hang out and just fire picks off from the hip. But what did I say earlier? I’ve learned from my mistakes. So as much as I’d love to bet on North Macedonia v. Georgia (the country, not the state), or Estonia v. Armenia, I’ll keep it teams that I know at least 2 players I know.

I’ll start with the worlds #1 ranked team according to FIFA. No it’s not World Cup winner France, or upstart England. It’s the waffle loving, chocolate making Belgians. Belgium lost a sloppy 2-1 game to England on Saturday in a game that could be a Euro/World Cup final. Belgium now get to play a scrappy, but extremely less talented Iceland squad. Taking the Belgians -1.5 at -130. Staying within Group A2, I’m riding England against the Danish. Everyone knows I love England. They are savages on, and off, the pitch. Taking the 3 Lions ML at -130, especially after they died Denmark back in early September. Gonna throw a tiny unit bet of a England/Belgium ML parlay at +125.

The next two matches are the best matches we have. The kind of games the non-soccer fan would want to watch (even if it’s from the 80th minute and on) if it was an important Euro/World Cup match. For all my Italian-American friends, your homeland is playing against my pot loving friends favorite country (Netherlands, aka the Dutch, aka the country where Amsterdam is). Italy won back in September 1-0, but this time around, I’m taking a smooth, clean, patented, Barney Buckets draw at +235. If ties aren’t your thing then go Italy at EVEN value. I just think the Dutch are talented enough to not get beat twice by another top tier soccer country.

Moving from pasta and pot, we head to Yacht Week v. The Eifel Tower. A rematch of the 2018 World Cup Final. I desperately want to to take a draw, so I’m taking a 1H draw to start at +110, and half a unit on the final being a tie at +240. Unfortunately for Croatia, I think France is gonna beat them again. So gimme the Baguette Boyz at +105.

Other games I like, but may/may not take, are Greece -140 despite their police getting humiliated by Harry Maguire in Mykonos, Albania (shout out Donny and Defrim Namani) against Lithuania at -105, Poland ML -125 (too much Lewandowski), Scotland/Czech Republic draw +220, and Wales with Bale at +105.

Praying this goes better than yesterday.