Day 1 of 2 for midweek Champions League footy. Cue the music !


After hearing the beautiful national anthem of soccer fans and degenerate gamblers looking for a midweek/midday, fix, it’s now time to check out the board. This board isn’t like the Nations League big board I had where there were stinker games. Everyone of today’s and tomorrows games are gonna be between teams, and players, that you’re familiar with (besides Zenit v. Brugge and Rennes v. Krasnador, wherever the hell those two teams are from is way above my paygrade) . If you’ve ever played FIFA before, you will not be lost if you watch a game.

The match you’ll definitely know lads on is PSG v. Manchester United. I’m talking Mbappe going up against a fragile Manchester United backline. But we’re also talking about a high-octane ManU midfield and attack that can prey on a PSG backline that isn’t challenged at all in their regular Ligue 1 play. I’m taking a 1H draw at +140, and PSG 2H ML at -130. Not thrilled with the opening line of -185 for PSG, so maybe I’ll catch them on a live bet.

I know Chelsea had a meltdown in their last EPL game, but Kepa (their overpaid goalie who gets treated how Nelson Agholor was treated by the Birds) is going up against a Spanish team, so maybe he’ll be the goalie he used to be when he was in Bilbao. I do love Sevilla, but I’m riding with my guy, the American Baby Jesus sent down to Hershey to save American soccer, that’s right, it’s Christian Pulisic. Blues moneyline +105.

Out of the remaining games the only noteworthy one worth watching is Dortmund v. Lazio, which is my Barney Buckets Draw of the Week at +260. In addition to that I’m on Juventus ML at -125 on the road against Dynamo Kiev, and finally, my last pick, RB Leipzig -1.5 at -120 against a team from Turkey that isn’t Beskitas or Fenerbahce.

What a Tuesday this will be. Games start at 12:55 and at 3, and if we screw up today we always have Wednesday Champions footy to get us back in drive. Until tomorrow, keep it easy mates.