Yesterday was a heart wrenching 2-4 record, some real bad beats in there. Regardless of said bad beats, we bounce back on Humpday. Only down like 2 units (didn’t do the math, math is for nerds), so essentially we aren’t even down at all. To the Big Board we go.

Biggest match of the day is Bayern v. Atletico Madrid. Bayern lose Serge Gnabry due to Covid, but they’ll just replace him with some other stud. Atletico isn’t gonna roll over and get their bellies rubbed, but Bayern will still end up on top. Taking the Bavarian Beasts -1 at -115 value.

If you can find the stream to Inter Milan v. Borussia Monchengladbach (RIP Barney Bundesliga), please watch that game. It’s like the Rockets v. Golden State in those WCF’s a few years ago. Lot’s of scoring between these two. Taking the over of 3 goals at -115. I’m on Man City -1.5 at -135 odds against Porto. Pep is on the hot seat and needs to get some hardware to Manchester this year or he’ll be moving on elsewhere, so expect him to get a good result from his guys. Staying within the EPL, I’m taking a deeper look into Liverpool. They just lost their best defender (maybe in the entire world too) in Van Diyk, got robbed in the Merseyside Derby, and now have to travel to face an Ajax side that has been cruising in the Dutch league? I think the defending EPL champs are on upset alert. Give me Ajax moneyline all day at a JUICY +350.

Other things I’ll dabble on are Atalanta -1 at -120 against some no name team from Denmark, and my patented Barney Big Board Draw of the Day is Olympiacos and Marseille at +215.

Another 6 picks on the board. Now we pray to the soccer and bog board gods that I go .500 or better. As always, kick it easy, lads.