To say I was hot yesterday would be an understatement. Was it an enigma? A fluke ? A fugazi? Not a chance. It’s called catching heat at the right time, so ride the lightning while ya can.

4-1 yesterday, and now on Humpday we have another Big Board poised to fatten up that wallet of yours. It’s Wednesday, it’s the Champions League, and the Big Board is alive and well, let’s ride.

Match of the day is Juve v. Barca. Messi v. Ronaldo. Goat v. goat. I think Barcelona are a mess, so I’m gonna ride Juve, the Old Lady, at +175.

We all know I love Manchester United. They are the soccer equivalent to the 80’s Miami Hurricane football team; they are absolute savages and playas on and off the field. Not gonna take them ML just yet (may do a live bet), but I love the over of 2.5 at -125 against a RB Leipzig team that also has some firepower.

Doing another multiple big boy club money line parlay. This time it’s only 3 team, not 4 (kinda soft of me, right?). Taking Chelsea/PSG/Sevilla ML parlay at +140.

Other two plays I don’t feel as confident in, but I love the value in it. Dynamo Kiev +120 caught my eye cause I thought they’d be a major favorite against Ferencvaros (some team in Hungary). And last but not least, you know it, you love it, it’s the Barney Buckets Draw. Brugge and Lazio both had massive opening group stage wins, so I think they both level out and both make out with a point. A draw at +215 is great value.

Until the weekend, take it easy lads.