After a scorching hot 7-3 record in last weeks Champions League slate, I’m realizing that I got big headed. I was walking around acting like my shit don’t stink, when it reality, it does in fact smell. The level-headed man wins the Champions League lines, not the fool. No fool moves from me today, strictly business. All gas, no brakes, on this Tuesday lads. Let’s ride.

Some say 3-team parlays are Fool’s Gold, but thank god I don’t listen to those morons. Bayern will keep Salzburg in the game for about 10 minutes before blowing their doors off, Atletico Madrid are too much for Lokmotiv, and if Man City can’t beat Olympiacos then I’ll quit the Big Board forever. Taking those 3 in a ML parlay at +120.

Game of the day for me is Inter Milan v. Real Madrid. For all intents and purposes, Real Madrid has been a complete trainwreck in the Champions League since CR7 left, and I can’t take them seriously as this big of a favorite. This is my classic, patented, world -famous Barney Big Board Draw of the week at +280.

Other action I’m on is Porto ML -120 against Marseille, a Covid plagued Ajax ML at +115 against a Danish team whose logo you wouldn’t recognize on FIFA, and finally, I’m hammering the over of 3.5 goal in the Atalanta/Liverpool game at -115.

Let’s put the politics aside for the day and all come together on what we know and love; Barneys Big Board. Kick it easy and enjoy your Tuesday, lads.