November is my favorite month of the year. We got football, futbol, and Turkey Day which is the best holiday of the year. November is where you separate yourself from the pack, and it’s where your separate yourself in the EPL table if you’re a contender. We are contending to have a bitchin’ Big Board this weekend. Let’s ride lads.

Let’s start with Saturday, and let’s start with Manchester United. What is going on with them? First they lose a heart breaker to Arsenal, and then they lay an absolute stinker in the Champions League against some bum squad from Turkey? Thankfully they play Everton who are falling apart at an even bigger rate. Red Devils ML at +145 is too juicy not to take, they’ll bounce back.

For the rest of Saturday I’m on Chelsea 1-5 at EVEN money against a Sheffield side who stinks, and I’m on West Ham ML at -120 against a Fulham bunch who’d get spanked in the MLS, let alone the Premmy

MATCH OF THE WEEKEND THIS SUNDAY 🚨🚨🚨 Talking City v. Liverpool. Talking champion v. the old champion, Pep v. Klopp, Red v. Blue. Who would I be to not take a draw? I’d be a coward. Give me the draw between the top dogs at +290!

Rest of the Lords Day has me on a North London ML parlay with Arsenal & Tottenham at +160 , and I’m riding with my Wolves who are being criminally valued at +230 ML against a Leicester squad that has everyone sipping the Kool-Aid .

The weather is cold, but the Big Board is HOT, let’s ride lads. Enjoy the weekend