College football (the American kind) absolutely rinsed me yesterday. So I’m abandoning football this Sunday due to financial circumstances, but I’m not giving up soccer, aka football.

Per usual, we wet the beak before the NFL crushes us. The beak-wetting starts with the always dangerous Barnes Big Country ML parlay. We’re taking countries that are playing against the boogers of Europe. In a unprecedented 6-team play, we’re lumping Italy, Netherlands, Greece, Austria, Denmark, and the Czech Republic together at +560. Some call that a dumb play, I however call it a calculated risk.

Not one, but TWO Barney Big Board Draws this Sunday. First is England-Belgium at +220, and Russia-Turkey at +225. Other things I’m on is Wales +105 against Ireland, Norway +115 (was just postponed), Finland +110, and the Dutch -1.5 at +105.

I’m in the hole right now, but I know the Big Board is gonna pull me out of the foxhole. Let’s ride today lads, and hopefully we make some soccer money before the real football breaks our heart at 1 PM. Kick it easy, fellas.