There aren’t many things I enjoy more than a bunch of Senators believing they have the upper hand on billionaire tech geniuses, while simultaneously knowing nothing about tech or media. I remember one Senator was grilling Google’s CEO while referencing Apple products and asking about his iPhone. In reality, it’s a bit alarming that these technologically-clueless goofballs are creating legislature on the most impactful medium of our generation, and most of them probably end their texts to their children with “-Dad.”

Today was there was a Senate hearing between primarily Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of that website where your uncle calls for Obama’s birth certificate.

The hearing was regarding censorship and privacy regulations, most notably over election misinformation, unequal party censorship, and the future of Section 230- which basically allows sites like Twitter to not be held accountable for what users say on their site. Or something like that I don’t know. All in all, we know the dangers of Big Tech and their ability to influence the largest global events and decisions. Let’s examine some Tech giants and find out if they’re truly evil.


Jack Dorsey's beard dominates online reaction to tech hearing -

Jack Dorsey looks like he’s selling glowsticks outside of an Odesza concert. I can’t confirm or deny that he’s doing that, but it seems doubtful given he’s created arguably the most influential tool of the last 10 years. Twitter is a hell-hole, most people who live their lives free from political dominion and reckless disdain for opposing parties or opinions can understand that. It’s extremely divisive and it has fostered a ton of unnecessary “cancel culture” (I know, that phrase sucks) that has ravished the internet. It’s also done a tremendous amount of positive things that often go unnoticed–connectivity, platform for those who traditionally go unheard, etc.

I genuinely don’t think Dorsey is some monster. To be honest, he seems like a pretty well-intentioned guy (who I would image leans pretty left) that stumbled upon the creation of this revolutionary and terrifying media platform. If the comments of my blog posts one day became the social meetingplace to 40 billion people I may block a few million trolls who say I have don’t have what it takes to be elite in FIFA 21.


Mark Zuckerberg's Senate Hearing Exposed Him as Reckless Billionaire  Capitalist

I think the bit that Zuck is a robot is relatively hackneyed at this point, but he continuously gives us every right to believe it so. He’s got potentially the worst haircut I’ve ever seen and that’s coming from a guy who’s ripe to go bald by the age of 25 if I’m lucky. A haircut that only some sort of cyborg barber could produce.

Facebook is often on the end of many jokes from those of my generation, but they’re still a behemoth. I think people forget that a shit load of people are still on that everyday, and also that they’re selling my precious data to Rogaine and hand crafted medieval sword merchants. Oh yeah, and they own Instagram, ever heard of it? Of course you have because I’ve seen your cheeseboards there, and quite frankly they could use more salami.

Verdict-this went off on an insecure tangent about Zucks haircut so I’ll just say yes, he’s evil.


Jeff Bezos' wealth soars to $171.6 billion, topping pre-divorce record –  Press Enterprise

Amazon scares the living shit out of me and I don’t know why. I guess the fact that can single-handedly close millions of brick and mortal locations in a span of a few years, but also because I can see a bit of myself in Bezos. That’s another bald joke, self-deprecation is the only way to succeed in this blogging game.

I love when these mathematicians come out of the woodwork to say that if Jeff Bezos gave a million dollars to everyone in the world, he would still have 100 million. Disregarding the fact that that’s an inaccurate assumption of how net-worth is calculated, I doubt Bezos is looking to shell me a milli to kickstart my video game idea.

As a conclusion, while there are scary aspects of these guys and their work, it’s just the reality that we need to accept. Things will never go back to what they once where. You’ll never rent DVDs at Blockbuster again or buy books that you’ll never read at Barnes and Noble.