Soup is a fall/winter thing. No one is talking about a good cup/bowl of soup in the middle of summer during a day on the beach. But the weather is changing, we’re breaking out the sweatshirts and quarterzips, and a starter soup always plays in the fall.

Here are a few upsides of a soup: 1) Not messy. 2) Not too filling. 3) Cost Effective. 4) Tasty as hell, despite the wrongful slander you may get from your friends who eat like raccoons. Plenty of soups to choose from, but there’s only so much room for soups in the diet. Can’t over-do soups. Here’s the Starting 5 Soups this Soup Season.

French Onion

I mean… duh. This is king of the soups. It’s on every menu for a reason. Load it up with cheese overflowing over the bowl (has to be torched/really broiled), and bang ya dig in. Also a major plus if they give you bread on the side.

Soup Sex

Lobster Bisque

This is a best-in-show soup. It’s high class. You don’t do a bisque during the Birds game, but you certainly do a bisque on a special occasion.

Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese

Never forget the fundamentals. Can’t write the Book of Soups without Tomato Soup. Does the grilled cheese aspect elevate the soup? Perhaps, but don’t hate the soup, hate the soup game.


NEVER, and I mean NEVER get too good for a chili. I’ll take chili all ways. Chili cheese nachos? Yes. Chili straight up ? Next question. Chili over spaghetti? Thank you sir may I have another. Spicier the better imo.

Wild Card Soup

Choose your own adventure here. For me I’m going she-crab or maybe a chowder. But if you wanna mix in a chicken tortilla or broccoli cheddar be my guest.

Don’t be afraid to get a soup on football weekend. By no means am I saying make it the star of the day, but give it a chance. It’s cold, it’s soup season, and we are embracing soup season at The Bookies Basement.