After a thrilling 3-1 day yesterday, we hop back in the saddle to tackle Wednesday. Midweek action just feels right with Nations League.

Although yesterday was a great day, we can’t get too big-headed. Can’t let ego get in the way of making money. That’s why we ae going back to basics. You guessed it, big team parlays and draws galore today. Lets ride, lads.

If I’m being frank with you all, these games kinda stink. Nonetheless, I still love these games. They still have value even though they aren’t headlining events. We’ll start with the Big Boy Country Parlay (BBCP), which as we all recall hit big last time at +560. This one isn’t as big, but it definitely will be in play today. Taking England, Italy, Belgium, Austria, and the Czech Republic ML at +450 for the BBCP.

Individual games I’m riding are Belgium -135 ML against Denmark, Ireland ML -115 against Bulgaria who haven’t been relevant since Berbatov left a decade ago, Greece +105 against Slovenia, and Wales +110 against the Fins. Sorry for the run on sentence, but I’ll also nab the Dutch money line at -105 against the Poles.

Leaving the best for the last, it’s draw time. I’m Drawing today like crazy today. There’s TWO Barney Big Board Draws of the Day. Going back to the well with Russia drawing Serbia at +220, and Scotland/Israel has the absolute juice at +225. It’s an adventurous Big Board today, but Columbus didn’t find new land until he let the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria run wild across the ocean.

Lot of plays today, have some faith here fellas. As always, kick it easy mates.