Yes the rumors are true, I’ve been blogging with a torn labrum and rotator cuff for some time now. My entire blog career actually, but now it’s time to get back to 100%. I’m going under the knife at 8:45 AM. My doc is the Flyers team doctor so I’m sure he’s familiar with my NHL locks. This blog isn’t about me though. It’s about the play-in games for the MLS Cup. Montreal/New England and Inter Miami/Nashville.

In the first play-in game, I’m not thrilled about the New England line. It’s -180 right now, which is probably fair cause Montreal doesn’t pose much of a threat, but it’s still the playoffs. I’m taking a 1H draw at +145 and New England 2H ML at -130. I’ll throw the entire Revs ML at -180 too. Why not ? Sling Barnes is a dangerous man.

The second play-in game is where I get giddy. The two new clubs in a do-or-die play in game? You couldn’t write a better script. Who would I be as a man of the Big Board if this wasn’t a draw? This has extra-time written all over it. Taking a regular-time draw at +215. Will throw a live bet in extra time depending on if I’ll be capable to access technology in a sling and on pain killers.

Send ya prayers my way for a speedy recovery. Just a minor setback for a major blog comeback. Big Boards all this week. As always, kick it easy lads.