Uncle Barnes, what’re you talking about? The Eagles are a trainwreck. The Sixers made some good moves but not enough to win a chip, and idiot politicians are going to shut the city down which’ll crush restaurants and other small businesses. What do you mean there’s hope in Philly?

Despite all the bad in Philly, there’s one glimmer of hope, a team that doesn’t have beef-stew for brains, the Philadelphia Union.

Uh the workers union? Nope. The Philadelphia Union of the MLS baby. We won the Supporters Shield (best regular season team) and there’s no signs of slowing down this wagon. O, and to top it off we get our Goalkeeper of the Year back in Andre Blake. Having a great goalie is like having

So yea maybe you don’t give a damn about the Union. Maybe you think soccer is a stupid sport and a waste of grass (hater), but as a Philadelphian you should care. How can we claim to be the City of Brotherly Love if we can’t support our brothers on the pitch? Let’s buy in on this light of hope, this band of brothers that embodies the values of Philly on the field. I’m DOOP’d the frick up, and you better be too.

If that didn’t do it for ya we play Boston’s team in the first round… so yea, it’s war. Break out the Navy & Gold, cause you gotta Join or Die for this city’s soccer club.