My last 2 Champions League Big Boards have been profitable with a 7-3 record. That’s what the kids call “having the locks”. Back to the midweek footy, to be honest, the midweek Big Boards have become my favorites. They make those mundane Tuesdays and Wednesdays feel meaningful. Gotta make it through Tuesday before we can look ahead to Humpday, let’s ride the BB fellas.

The first games kick off at 12:55, and that’s when we are doing the first big boy club parlay of the day. Sevilla play Krasnador, and Chelsea play Rennes. It’s a no-brainer. BBCP #1 pay out is +215. Also on both of teams individually (Chelsea ML -125 and Sevilla ML -150). BBCP #2 is downright ambitious. It’s reckless abandonment combined with unmatched courage and optimism. BBCP #2 includes Chelsea and Sevilla like BBCP #1, but we are adding Man United, Barca, Juventus, and Dortmund at a juicy +645. It’s bold, but history favors the bold.

Match of the day is PSG v. RB Leipzig. I like PSG ML at -160 cause I don’t think RBL can beat them twice in one month, but what I love is the over of 3.5 goals at -110.

Getting a little goal-line crazy on this Tuesday, and it’s not the pain meds talking me into it. Manchester United -1.5 at -130 is yelling in my face to take it, and Dortmund goal-line against Brugge at -120 is shouting the same thing. Barca is without Messi against Kiev, so that line dropped significantly. Hop on Barca ML at -150 for a great steal.

9 picks today, let’s hope they are all lucky today. Until tomorrow, kick it easy if you’re a Big Board ryder.