Very condensed Big Board this weekend for the riders, who are now known as the Boardies. The Brit Boards have been rough on us the past few weeks. Is it cause I’m too busy riding the draws? Perhaps, but ya can’t quit the Big Board; we just adjust.

Smart plays only this board, and we are starting with betting against Burnley who’s the New York Jets of the EPL. Everton ML at -105 is the safe play in the 7:30 slot. It’s waking up to money if you bet against Burnley fellas.

Manchester United suffered a tough loss midweek against PSG and had a massive comeback last week against Southampton. People are asking if they are frauds, and I can’t give an answer on that just yet. However, I do think West Ham are MASSIVE frauds. They are 5th right now in the table, but they were speculated to be relegated in the beginning of the season. Riding the big boy club of Man United ML at +105 against the Hammers.

Sunday is where the action is. No other place to start than the North London Derby between Spurs and Arsenal. Arsenal have been downright atrocious as of late, and I’m not gonna be the fool to bet against Mourinho in a big match. All over Spurs at Even value, and the I’ll be on the over of 2.5 goals at -110.

My new trend is betting against the bottom-dwellers, and the biggest bottom-dweller of all (worse than Burnley) is Sheffield United. They play Leicester City this week who are missing some guys, but that still isn’t gonna deter me from throwing the house on them. Leicester City ML at Even value is criminal not to take on the Lord’s Day.

To the Boardies out there, I love you. This weekend is just another two days of war, and there’s no one else I’d want to have in the foxhole than you. Kick it easy this weekend lads, and God bless the Big Board.