To say the dogs are barkin’ in the semi’s is an understatement. We rode the Revs and Minny in the quarters, but the favorites Columbus and Seattle haven’t let us down all Cup. Unstoppable forces meet immovable objects in the semi’s. Let’s ride Boardies, let’s ride.

Starting in the Eat, we have the team of destiny, the Revs, and the Crew. Last time these two met in the playoffs it was mayhem.

In good consciousness I have to ride the Revs. Bruce has those boys dialed in, and Carles Gil might be the best player in the league. Dogs are barking, and the Revs ML is howling at +195. Also on the over of 2.5 goals at -125. Overs have been hot this MLS Cup, and I can’t be on the wrong side of history betting an under.

Moving onto Monday, we have the game of the year. I’m more excited for this Western Conference Final than I am the actual Cup Final. Minnesota cruised past top seed Sporting KC, and Seattle has been nothing but dominant over LAFC and FC Dallas. Seattle are heavy favorites, but Minnesota are tactical as hell, and are incredible in transition just like Seattle. In love with the over of 2.5 goals at -140, and may dabble on an alternative over of 3.5 goals at +180.