Everyone loves talking about midweek NFL games, or MACtion midweek games. But no one is talking about midweek, midday, EPL footy in the middle of December. It’s a tradition like no other when the EPL gives us games essentially everyday leading up to the holidays. A tradition to be loved, savored, and one that must be gambled on. Big Board holiday spirit is in the air, and Barney Claus is stuffing Boardies stockings with locks.

Only two games on Tuesday, and neither of which are that enticing. But midweek footy is like pizza. Good are bad, it still always satisfies. I’m waiting on Chelsea to satisfy me. They’ve dropped duds the past two matches, but they’ll get back on the winning train against a Wolves team who aren’t the same without Raul Jimenez. All over Chelsea ML -150, and the over of 2.5 goals at -105. Wolves without Jimenez is like the Lakers without LeBron, the Chiefs without Mahomes, the Big Board without Barnes. Can’t have one without the other.

Avoiding taking Man City in any solo bet, but I’ll take the over of 3.5 goals at -115. Hoping West Brom can get at least one goal in what looks to be a blow out game.

The True Blue Parlay of Chelsea & Man City ML is at -120. Let’s pray we avoid upsets this Tuesday.

Today is the appetizer for the main course midweek Brit Board tomorrow. Be easy lads