Merry Christmas to all the Boardies. I’m currently writing this blog on my phone cause my power went out on Christmas Eve and won’t be back on until Sunday night. But if you think I’m gonna miss the biggest footy weekend extravaganza of the year cause I lost power, you’re out of your fricken mind.

If you don’t know what Boxing Day is (don’t blame ya) here’s a cultural lesson from YouTube.

Now onto the footy. It’s a massive slate this weekend. An unparalleled Big Board in my opinion. Let’s start with Saturday’s slate first.

5 picks on Boxing Day, and I wouldn’t wanna have it any other way. Starting the day off with fading Arsenal. They are an absolute dumpster fire, and surprisingly they aren’t as big of underdogs as they should be against a good Chelsea side. Chelsea ML -110 is my mortal lock of the day. Other locks on the board include Southampton ML +120 against Fulham who are the Jags of the EPL, and we’ll fade Sheffield (the Jets of the EPL) who play a good Everton team (Everton ML -110). Add the over of 3 goals in the Man U/Leicester City game at even value and we’re taking the juice of a draw at +250.

Onto Sunday, which is a light day cause we have action Monday too. Only plays I like here are Leeds ML -140 against a Burnley squad that’ll fold to Leeds offensive pressure and Tottenham ML +120 against Wolves who are without their lifeline Raul Jimenez.

Happy Boxing Day weekend. Excuse the typos by the way. Did this blog on Christmas Day without power on (also had a couple of adult beverages), so be kind to me and enjoy the weekend. Kick it easy, lads.