Mondays Big Board was the epitome of a Monday. It was long, agonizing, and people were sluggish. Leicester City missed a penalty kick which would’ve sealed a win, and Chelsea still are in a coma after getting spanked by Arsenal. To top it all off the game of the day between Man City and Everton got postponed (shout out Covid). Regardless of all the bad that transpired yesterday, we made it to Tuesday. Lots of action for the Boardies today, let’s roll.

I’m not a huge stat guy when it comes to soccer, but listen to this. The last 5 times Arsenal and Brighton have played each other, the games have ended twice in 1-1 ties and three times as a 2-1 Brighton wins. Brighton are always stingy, and I don’t know what Arsenal team I’m gonna see today. All over the draw at +230 and the under of 2.5 goals at -115. My book doesn’t have lines for the final score, but if you can throw a lil something on the final score being 1-1, I’m begging you to do it. Barney Trends could be the next big thing.

Yesterday was filled with 1-1 draws, and I have an eerie feeling that today is gonna be similar. Second draw of the day we’re on is West Ham/Southampton at +220. History is not on the draw however. West Ham have won 5 straight matches against the Saints, but today will be different. Southampton are favorites today, but were never favored in the previous 5 matches. It’ll be a slugfest, but the draw at +220 is enough for me to take the bait. I know I said earlier I’m becoming a trends guy, but sometimes trends were meant to be broken.

Never a bad play to fade the bottom-dwellers on any given day, so it’s a no brainer to take Burnley ML at +125 against Sheffield and Leeds ML at -120 against a West Brom side who’s due for a big let down after a stunning draw against Liverpool this past weekend. Certainly don’t hate parlaying both of these teams to win at +310 for a smaller play if you want to be bold.

Game of the day is Man United against Wolves. Hesitated on taking Wolves money line cause it’s outlandish, but I’m gonna play the over or 2.5 goals (shocked it wasn’t set at 3) at -115. If you have the courage to take Wolves please do, but I am being a coward today unfortunately.

Not too shabby of a Big Board for a Tuesday, eh? Only a few more days til New Years Eve and New Years Day, we can make it through the rest of the week with pounds in our pockets. As always, kick it easy kid.