Come one come all and step on down to the only MMA award show that actually matters. Before I begin handing out my coveted awards, I’d like to remind everyone that these are my opinions and as such they are objectively correct and not up for debate. Take your complaints up with someone who cares. Actually as a matter of fact please direct all criticism and complaints to Mook. Problem solved. I’ll be doing this as a series to accommodate both the reader’s and my tiny peanut brains.

So, without further ado, let’s begin with the top 10 UFC Knockouts this year. We’ll cycle through until we crown the best of the best and then keep it moving.

10. Beneil Dariush v. Scott Holtzman

It would be negligent of me to not include ole Benny boy on this list. Frankly he has a damn good argument for making the list twice between this gorgeous spinning back elbow and the beatdown he put on Drakkar Klose. Dariush is flying up the rankings at 155 and I’m super excited to see what 2021 has in store for him.

9. Khamzat Chimaev (number 1 coward) v. Gerald Meerschaert

Whatever dude. I don’t feel like getting yelled at by the internet for not including a terrorist (allegedly). So yeah, Khamzat had a nice KO, I’ll give him that. Now stop ducking Leon and get back in the cage or give your hype to one of 25 other guys on the roster who actually deserve it. Also Ali if you’re reading this you’re a gremlin and you should answer my emails.

8. Vicente Luque v. Randy Brown

I honestly have no clue why this KO doesn’t get more love. I get that at first look it might not be the most impressive but it makes the list for me on IQ alone. Watch Luque right before the knee comes in. Brown tries to put his hand on the ground, making himself a grounded fighter and making the knees illegal, but Luque recognizes this and times him up. Luque leverages Brown under the neck and lifts him up off the ground before delivering a devastating knee that turns the lights out and that exemplifies MMA at the highest level, moving parts and all.

7. Sean O’Malley v. Eddie Wineland

People seem to really love this KO and don’t get me wrong, it is devastating and ruled. BUT, at the same time, I must deduct a few points for Wineland being absolutely washed and Dana basically feeding him to Sean. On the other hand, there’s something so pure and beautiful about a simple straight separating a fighter from consciousness that Sean’s spot on this list was pretty much locked up from the second Wineland’s limp body hit the canvas.

6. Jiri Prochazka v. Volkan Oezdimer

Did someone say something about a beautiful straight sending a fighter to the shadow realm? This fight was tough for me as a longtime Volkan guy but Czech prospect Jiri Prochazka delivered everything we could have wanted and then some in his debut. After a back and forth first round, Jiri started to find the distance and eventually was able to press forward and just absolutely smoke my sweet baby boy No Time. Jiri is the first prospect I’ve been excited about at 205 in many moons, excluding Jamahal Hill who just isn’t quite there yet.

5. Justin Gaethje v. Tony Ferguson

A little different than most of this list, I am including Gaethje finishing Tony because even if the KO itself wasn’t all that incredible, the performance Justin put on completely dismantling Tony and forcing the ref to jump in and stop the fight for Tony’s own good has warranted this finish a spot on the list. Don’t care if you disagree.

4. Khaos Williams v. Abdul Razak Alhassan

Khaos Williams had a fuckin year huh? Before losing a tough decision to Michel Peirera Khaos had 2 vicious knockouts with less than 60 seconds of time in the octagon. Some people would say he probably deserved all the hype that a certain Kadryov pawn on this list received after 2 brutal, quick KOs over guys not named John Phillips (sorry John). However I digress, this knockout was so fucking vicious that it absolutely deserves a spot on this list.

3. Jordan Leavitt v. Matt Wiman

The Monkey King has arrived in style pals. If you’d like a little background on Jordan’s incredible journey from being homeless to winning a 50k POTN Bonus be sure to check out both of his interviews with Ross and I, both before and after his UFC debut. Jordan waltzed into the UFC history books with only the 12th slam KO in the promotions history, meaning all you internet meanies can’t even accuse me of goosing the list for my pals and this spot is beyond well deserved. If anyone has the clip of Ross and I reacting to the KO on stream please hit my pager.

2. Cody Garbrandt v. Rafael Assuncao

Another mandatory inclusion on any top KOs of 2020 list, the return of King Cody. Whatever your thoughts on Cody, this KO is objectively incredible. I’ve probably watched this video no less than 250 times and between beating the buzzer and Cody’s sheer speed and power delivering that hook I don’t think anyone will bitch at me for making this a top 3 KO of the year.

1. Kevin Holland v. Jacare Souza

One of the biggest reasons MMA trumps every other sport is the chance, nay, the likelihood, that in every fight you’ll see something that you’ve never seen before. Kevin Holland delivered just that with a phenomenal KO of Jacare Souza with punches from his back. The KO is truly mesmerizing and I have some crow to eat re: my opinion of Holland as a prospect.

Can’t think of a single one I missed! No sir no idea! Part 2: Submissions will be out in a few days. Follow me on twitter @Harry__Mac for more bad MMA opinions and sweet sweet content.