Bon frickin’ giorno Boardies. A one day trip to Italy and we are hitting all the stops. The Italians like to do things all day long. They eat all day long, they drink all day long, and they play soccer all day long. First game of the day is at 6:30 AM American time (12:30 Italian time) and the last kickoff is at 2:45 (8:45 in Italy). What a day of midweek footy.

Little geography lesson for ya on a Wednesday. The Map of Serie A

It would be disingenuous of me to not take a draw in the first game. It’s a 6:30 kickoff, the fellas are gonna be tired, and it’s between two teams in Cagliari and Benevento who don’t love to put the ball in the back of the net. Benevento are the better team on paper, but the early midweek kickoff draw at +215 is calling my name. Also on the under of 2.5 goals at +105. Major plus that this game is being played on the island too (shout out Sardinia).

The BBCP has been replaced with the Mama Mia Special. The MMS is like the Italian grandma you may have had, or if you’re not Italian like me, it’s like the grandma you saw in an Italian movie and wished you had (besides Olivia Soprano, she stinks). Mami Mia is screaming about a 4 team ML parlay of Atalanta, Inter Milan, Napoli, and Roma at +245 that’s itching to hit.

Game of the day is Juventus v. AC Milan. Milan don’t have Zlatan due to a calf injury and are missing some other key members due to injury and suspension. Juventus on the other hand are looking to snaps Milan’s 15 game point streak, but are without Morata, Cuadrado and Santo due to injury and covid. I think the public is riding Juventus (favorites at +125) too heavily, so a draw at +240 seems like the risky, but also safe play in this match.

Love Sassuolo ML at -120 against Genoa as well. Genoa is sort of like the West Brom/Cincinnati Bengals/Charlotte Hornets of Serie A. In other words they kind of stink.

Don’t ever say I’m not versatile. Barney Bundesliga, Barney Brit, and now Barney Bolognese? Go off king. EPL is off for a bit due to Covid and what not, but we don’t let our guard down. Soccer is a global game people. The ball, and the more importantly the heroes who bet on the ball, don’t stop for any nations stoppage of domestic league footy. The Boardies have passports on our books, and we aren’t afraid to travel to the locks.

To the loyal Boardies out there, kick it easy.