After a very rough Barney Bolognese board yesterday, I’ve decided to flee Italy to seek refuge in Spain. Small board today, but big in heart. Boardies, let’s ride.

Essentially this board is just betting on the La Liga teams who play teams that aren’t in La Liga. The only individual game I’m on is Cadiz ML -130 against a team whose logo doesn’t pop up on the ESPN app (sorry Pontevedra).

Wouldn’t be a big board without a Spanish edition BBCP. Throwing in a Cadiz (lot of eggs in their basket today), Valencia, and Eibar ML parlay at +220.

Lot of blind faith in this one if I’m being honest. I don’t watch too much La Liga besides the major games, but that doesn’t mean you stray from your roots and avoid midweek, midday footy. Enjoy Thursday. The weekend is almost here, and as always, kick it easy.