Things haven’t been all sunshine and rainbows for the Boardies as of late. Hand up, that’s on me. Have we caught some bad beats ? Absolutely, but that’s not an excuse for the beatdowns the Big Boards have taken the past few days. People are even revolting against me. They are “F” wording me too… rude.

To haters who are trying to fade me, I’m praying that God spares you for your sins.

To the ryders out there, the true-blue Boardies, let’s ride this FA Cup Friday. Two games on the docket, but only one thing on the mind. Locks.

The most interesting game of the day is Wolves v. Crystal Palace. These are my squads. They have a lot of grit and sandpaper to their game. My heart is telling me to take the draw at +230, but my brain is telling me to take Wolves ML +105. Going with my brain and Wolves ML +105.

The second game of the day is Liverpool against Aston Villa. Villa are essentially playing all of their reserve players, so I’m parlaying a Liverpool win with a Wolves win for a +125 payout. If you want to be bold and take Liverpool -2.5 be my guest, but I’m gonna avoid that cause winning by 3 is quite an ask of any team.

Tricky board today, and they’ll be another FA Cup board tomorrow. Tough times come and go, but tough people hang around forever. The Boardies are damn tough, and bet your sweet ass we aren’t going anywhere. As always, kick it easy lads.