Yesterday was an absolute firecracker of a Big Board. Some would call it perfection because it was a perfect 2-0 board.

But we all know the Saturday Board carries more weight. Soccer was born to be played on a Saturday, and so was the big board. Boardies, strap up for war, and let’s ride.

Starting the board of with the BBCP. There are still some Cinderella’s left in this years FA Cup, so we are gonna bet on their runs ending. The FA Cup ain’t no fancy ball Cinderella. Taking Everton, Millwall, Swansea City, Manchester United, and Bournemouth in a MLP at +445.

Individually I like Burnley ML -135 against MK Dons (who?), Leicester City ML -130 against Stoke, and Sheffield United are finally going to get a win as they are -125 favorites against Bristol Rovers.

BONUS Serie A Parlay: this is from my Italian insider. We’ll call him El Capo. He’s got me on an Atalanta/AC Milán MLP at +135.

It’s an ambitious board, but history favors the bold