Fellas and lady fellas, I have to shorten the picks on the Big Board. I know it’s a travesty, but things have been BAD for the Boardies as of late and I can’t have that. I want the Boardies to be able to send their kids to private school with my picks, not force them to a public school zoo. It’s with a heavy heart that I present to you a 1-pick big board.

If I’m only giving a 1-play board, you can bet your sweet ass it’s a BBCP spanning two countries. Arsenal play against Newcastle at 3, and AC Milan play at 2:45 against Cagliari who are 1 point clear of the relegation line. Taking these AC Milan and Arsenal ML in the BBCP at +110.

Hopefully the board can go back to normal once I catch some heat, but sometimes you gotta go back to move forward. As always, kick it easy lads.