3-1 in the past two Big Boards, and 2-0 in the last two BBCP’s. Here’s a hint for soccer, bet on the teams you’d recognize if you saw them scrolling while playing playing FIFA. Sometimes with soccer you just have to blindly put your faith in the big clubs, and there’s no shame in that. Don’t let the analytics mess with your eye test. The eyes tell us the BBCP is hot, and we have a tasty one to start the board off.

Anytime there are 3 of the biggest teams in the world playing on the same day, in addition to another powerhouse, it’s a no brainer to add them to the bbcp. Both Manchester teams and Bayern Munich play tomorrow, as does RB Leipzig who are a wagon. Putting these 4 in the BBCP at +220 is simple. Don’t overthink this one, just follow your eyes.

Going with two additional picks, consider these true heat checks. Stuttgart ML -125 against Bielefeld seems like a smart play, and Atalanta ML -140 against Udinese is a strong value play as well.

Do I feel like a coward for avoiding for potential wild draws and overs ? Yeah you could say that. But this isn’t about playing hero ball, it’s about the Boardies. I want you all the pay for your weekend drinks with these midweek picks. I want you to be able to buy your lady/man a nice meal and maybe a Valentines Day gift too.

Boardies, I love you. Let’s have a Wednesday, and kick it easy lads.