I’m at work right now and wasn’t going to a Big Board, but then I remembered who I am. I’m the same guy who lives off midweek/midday soccer. I looked myself in the mirror and said “you have to get a board out”. And here it is; The Board.

BBCP has been red hot. It has the hot hand. Barca, Liverpool, and Lazio all play teams you’ve never heard of, so it’s a no brainer play at -105.

Individually I like Atletico Madrid ML at -120, but I didn’t want to throw them in the BBCP cause I feel like they don’t want the BBCP to win. I can just envision opening my ESPN app and seeing this game end in a 1-1 tie. I’ll take them individually, but I don’t want them near the BBCP.

If you want to have some courage and throw Atletico in the bbcp it makes it a +255 play. I may throw a little on it as well.

The day you stop wanting to be great is the day you die. I almost passed on a big board, but I didn’t. Boardy’s, I love you and kick it easy.