Throughout the NFL playoffs we’ve been shown re-airs of old beer commercials that are down right hilarious. Truly a genius idea to bring back beer nostalgia to smack us in the face. But ya know what hasn’t been brought back yet ? The Miller Lite Vortex bottle.

I’d start wars to be able to crank a couple of great tasting, less filling Miller Lites out of the iconic vortex bottle.

Was this the greatest 3 year run in history ? Perhaps. This bottle came before I was able to even sneak beers past my parents which is a shame. If I had a 12 rack of these at a college day drink I would’ve been the king of the castle. Ordering a round of vortex’s for the fellas must’ve been a power play. A true tempo setter if you will.

Nothing beats a good vortex. Think I’m wrong ? Well we have the Miller Lite Vortex bottle and we have the Nerf Vortex football which gave every kid the illusion of thinking they could throw the pigskin on Sundays. The polar vortex doesn’t count cause that’s a clickbait term.

So Miller Brewing Company if you’re reading this, bring back the vortex bottle for the people who missed out on it the first time around. Please and thank you.