To the big boy clubs that have dropped the ball and cost the Boardy’s potential future generational wealth, frick you. We are doubling down with not one, but two BBCP’s for the people on the lords day.

First bbcp is a true world tour edition. Jacksonville Jaguars DE Doug Costin has guaranteed this will hit. If it doesn’t he will personally buy every boardy this fire t-shirt that might hit the market.

The World Tour BBCP is Atletico Madrid, Barca, Bayern, Juventus, and Napoli at +340. It’s the Doug Costin guarantee. That’s football on “football” action for ya.

Second bbcp of the day is a juicy 2-day FA Cup parlay with 4 teams all battling against non-premier sides. Chelsea, Everton, Leicester City, and Tottenham (who play Sunday) bundled together at a +180 value is too good to pass up. The FA Cup is whacky so I’m sure I’ll be sweating watching these games all day.

Take both parlays today, and buy a shirt if they ever hit the market. Send any complaints if the bets don’t hit to Costin and the Jags. Urban Meyer would have a heart attack if he found out the board had a bad day, so don’t tell him. As always, kick it easy lads.