I’d like to start the blog by pouring one out for an OG of the game, and Chelsea legend Frank Lampard. He didn’t die, but Chelsea sacked him which is kinda sad cause he’s arguably the clubs best player. Even though he (allegedly) slandered Christian Pulisics good name cause he’s American.

Regardless of the Chelsea fiasco, let’s ride today guys. No fear in our hearts and minds today. Got to be lions.

BBCP went 1-2 last time out. If Shell Silverstein would call it the Giving Tree if he were alive today. Today’s is dangerous cause throwing Leeds into anything is playing with fire, but Leeds/Man City/West Ham ML parlays at +370 is something I’m clearly going to take.

Individually I love West Ham +125 against Crystal Palace. I’m a big Palace guy, but they are not in good form right now.

Hey Barnes, what happened to the draws ? What happened to looking at a game and not knowing a clear winner so we just take the complete juice of a draw? The courage is back. Arsenal and Southampton played this past weekend in the FA Cup this past weekend and Southampton squeaked out a 1-0 win. Hard to beat a team twice in the same week. All over a draw here at +250.

Sorry for the late post, but be lions today lads. Kick it easy.