Everyday I wake up and I love the board, but today I really love the board. Maybe a little more than I should, but sue me for being in love. Kid caught a little fire yesterday, but Wednesday is where we set the tempo and find out whether the Big Board is here to play, or if the board is going to lay an egg. This is an anti-egg board. Fellas, let’s ride.

The Big Boy Club Parlay; a (red hot) tradition like no other. Man United play Sheffield who couldn’t beat your peewee team from 2002, Villa play a Burnley side who are riding way too high after stunning Liverpool last week, and finally Chelsea play their first match without Frank Lampard as the manager. Throwing Chelsea, Man United, and Villa in the BBCP at +270 is the big play of the day. Lot of promise in this bbcp.

If we’re in the trust tree right now, I have a confession to make. Barney Draws has not been there in 2021. He’s disappeared like the Malaysia flight, but rumor has it he is making a return today. Everton/Leicester City draw at +220 is howling right now. Too much juice for me to avoid in what I expect to be a close match.

Individually I’m all over Villa ML -115. I just don’t see Burnley getting any points after the biggest win in the clubs history. Also in love with the over of 2.5 goals in the Everton/Leicester City game at +100.

Am I nervous for today? Eh no. Only softies get nervous. It’s a shoot from the hip kind of day, and I’m ok with that. Embrace it lads, and kick it easy.