Not discussing Thursday’s 0-2 board. The History Channel might do a segment about it, but I will not be commenting on that board. Please respect my wishes at this time.

I will be running my mouth on this board though. This board was done with swift calculations and elite precision, unlike the Thursday which was a shoot from the hip kind of board. Buckle up for war today.

Starting the board off in Italy… You read that right, Barney Bolognese is back.

First BBCP of the day has me super confident. Both Milan teams and Juventus play against teams all in the bottom half of the table. AC Milan, Inter Milan, and Juventus in a money line parlay at +210 is a chefs kiss to the boardys today. It’s not delivery, it’s the DiGorno bbcp of the day.

Moving to the Prem is where I get nervous. The EPL has been the Wild West ever since 2021 rolled around, but we can’t pull out now. Game of the day is Manchester United v. Arsenal. United are looking to bounce back after getting embarrassed by Sheffield, while Arsenal are trying to keep their hot streak going. I fully expect United to bounce back and roll Arsenal. Give me Man United ML at +140 for the play of the day.

Draw of the day is going to be Southampton against Villa. Not confident in taking either side straight up, so the juice of a draw at +250 between Villa and Southampton is a no-brainer.

The last game I’m on is Fulham against West Brom. I’ve slandered Fulham countless times in past boards, but the slander stops today. Fulham are not going to be relegated, and I think West Brom is riding too high after pulling out a thriller against Wolves last week. Fulham ML at +125 is the start of our fade West Brom campaign.

Extremely big day for me today. Need the board to be great so I can pay for the dinner and drinks Saturday (I have a date, not a big deal). As always kick it easy lads.