Saw this on twitter the other day from a fellow basement dweller, but I can’t remember who it was. Regardless it really made me reminisce and think long and hard about some of MY favorite games so, here we go.

  1. 5. Call of Duty MW3

This is a pretty safe pick in any video game list but it truly is a great game. The only reason it’s not higher (or lower, or whatever) on the list is because I simply was not as good at it as I am the rest of the games.

4. NFL Street 2

A criminally underrated game if you ask me or any of us die hard players. Every game mode was good but the minigames were my favorite. It’s singular flaw was its offline only gameplay, otherwise everyone would’ve gotten the smoke.

3. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (OG)

The reason, as previously stated, that BF2 gets the three spot ahead of Street is because I used to clap kids all day long online in this game. And it’s single player game modes were just as fun. Hero’s vs. Villian’s will always have a spot in my heart. I haven’t played the new one yet because I don’t want to tarnish my memory of the original.

2. Pokémon Ruby

I’ll probably take some heat for not going with my true first Pokémon game, which admittedly was Leaf Green, but I don’t really count that because I didn’t play the game right. I just overleveled my Charizard and tanked the whole game with him. Pokemon ruby was the first game where I used strategies and had a well balanced team. This is a GREAT game and without a doubt would’ve been my #1 if I hadn’t been introduced to……..

  1. The NHL Series (but specifically 07 and 12)

The NHL series will forever be my favorite video games of all time. Besides the fact that I’m the best player I’ve ever met at the game (have never lost back to back games against someone*), it’s just a fun game. I had casually played NHL 94 on the Nintendo 64, and NHL 04 on the PC, but I didn’t really get into it until NHL 07. I then skipped a few years of the game and didn’t play again until I got NHL 10 for Christmas and my love was reinvigorated. By the time NHL 12 came out I was obsessed, mostly because I was nationally ranked in the top 100 for online versus (NOT a big deal). I switched to HUT in NHL 14, which was probably the biggest mistake of my life, costing me hundreds of hard earned dollars (thanks Dad & Sun Country) and probably thousands of hours. I still play competitively every day so if anyone wants to try their shot against me, the Champ Champ, you can just go ahead and tweet me.

Well, there it is, the definitive list of the best video games ever and if you have different opinions you’re wrong.

Anyway here’s some honorable mentions of games I just like an awful lot

  • Red Dead Redemption 1
  • Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
  • Pokémon Stadium (N64)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic
  • GTA 4

I’m sure you guys will let me know how stupid I am and what games I forgot.

Until next time,


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