Arsenal has made me doubt love, but they have certainly made me realize that I have to go back to where I started. Gotta move back to move forward. I’m not talking about draws or bbcp’s. I’m talking about bringing back the Fade Board

Going back to a tale as old as time in this board. I’m talking about putting draws on the forefront instead of the back-burner to the BBCP’s. Taking 2 draws today…. I’m a man without conviction and I don’t know the meaning of the phrase “slow down”. Leeds beat Everton 1-0 back in late November, and just like in the NFL it’s hard to beat a team twice. A tie at +250 between Leeds and Everton is too high for me to avoid.

The other draw of the day is Villa/West Ham at +245. Villa are slowing gaining back the form they possessed earlier in the season, so I think they’ll give the Hammers a close one today. West Ham won a 2-1 thriller back in late November, so taking the value of the draw is a vintage Fade Board play.

Before I get to the bbcp, I have to get to the squad that I have a lot of eggs in their basket out of the way first. It’s Leicester City. They are without Jaime Vardy (think of soccers version of DeShaun Watson), but I don’t care. They play Fulham today who haven’t won a premier league match in their last 11 games. Taking a Vardy-less Leicester City on the ML at -110.

Throwing Leicester City back into the bbcp with Man City and Liverpool at +210. Liverpool are absolutely maddening. They’ve actually blown up the last two bbcps that they were in. But this ain’t baseball. No three strikes and you’re out in soccer. Riding the big boys and praying for Leicester City to make it all happen today.

Halfway there fellas. Halfway there. All gas, no brakes. Hate it or love it, I got cocky with the big board. Forgot my fade board roots, but now I’m back.