One play today. It’s a play so good I can feel it. Feeling it all the way in my plums. The plums are feeling this bbcp.

Not gonna lie to the people here, I made some poor college basketball picks yesterday that have led me to this board. I was gonna take today off cause there aren’t too many games, but then I realized that there was a bbcp out in the universe that was ripe for the taking.

Bayern and Inter Milan in the bbcp is a +105 play. Not normally the odds I take, but they are the only games on today and I’m in a hole cause of Iowa deciding to forget how to hoop at home. It’s not the biggest bbcp, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

This weekend is jam-packed with games. Saturday’s board is going to be out of bounds, and Sundays board may even have a bonus (American) football picks. Enjoy the games and the weekend. Kick it easy lads.