Pork roll, egg, and chee on a plain bagel with some hot sauce on the side. Hot chocolate in the hand. It’s Saturday morning and I’m in my comfort zone right now. The past two boards have been perfect despite being 1 pick each, but that’s still perfect. You go 1/1 in the show you won’t be a Hall of Famer, but you’ll always be able to walk around telling people you batted 1.000. No one asks how many at bats ya had, just the BA. Let’s stay slugging boardys.

Trimming down the size of the board this Saturday, but going heavy with the heart (per usual). West Ham are legit, and their crosstown rival Fulham might be good enough to avoid relegation, but they aren’t good enough to stop the Hammers this weekend. West Ham ML +105 til I die. Also go watch Green Street Hooligans if you haven’t seen it.

Love taking the draw in the early game between Arsenal and Aston Villa at +235. Arsenal were back to their old ways last time out against Wolves with a classic David Luiz red card. That team just cannot catch breaks. Villa have been scrappy as of late, so I think they at least get a point out of this one.

Start your Saturday with a tempo starter fellas. All gas, no brakes, and as always, kick it easy lads.