Saturday crushed me into a thousand little pieces. Missing out on the Arsenal/Villa draw wasn’t the end of tht world, but West Ham not pulling through was heartbreaking. Like your high school sweetheart finding a new guy at her new college. It stings a bit, but you have to bounce back and stay in tht game. Bet your sweet ass we are bouncing back today (or at least trying to) with this elite 2 play board. It’s an all-or-nothing kind of day that could set us up for the financial freedom we desire to have for the Super Bowl. Let’s have a morning that sets us up for a great night Boardys. Mount up, we’re going to war.

I know I say that every game between the big boy clubs is the “game of the year”, but this last meeting between Man City and Liverpool is actually the biggest game of the year so far. If you’ve been following the last few boards, you know that Liverpool is dead to me. Even though Man City are without KDB I still love City on the money line at +105 value. Liverpool just don’t have that moxie to win a big game. Not this team. City in a landslide here.

The other game I’m locked in on is Leicester v. Wolverhampton. The Foxes v. the Wolves. I love Wolves cause they are a scrappy bunch, but without Jimenez they aren’t the same team they used to be. Leicester is ‘ol reliable so give me the Foxes ML at +110 all day over a Wolves team without a true identity.

If both of these plays hit we are taking tails in coin toss and calling it a day. Enjoy the Sunday, enjoy the Super Bowl, and as always kick it easy.