Serie A has more drama than Johnny Chase. In case you missed yesterday’s Copa Italia match between Juventus and Inter Milan, here’s the skinny. After half-time Juventus’ chairman Andrea Agnelli (allegedly) gave his old employee, and now Inter Milan manager, Antonio Conte some not so kind words of encouragement (pretty sure he called him an asshole and told him to fuck off). Conte responded as any former spiteful employee would to their old boss; he gave him the bird. Told him to read between the lines.

Flipping off your former boss must be an exhilarating feeling.

Giving someone the middle finger will always be funny. It trumps any insulting soliloquy or rebuttal that may come your way. It says everything without having to say anything at all.

Salute to Antonio Conte for not taking any abuse from his former boss. When in down, flip it out and give someone the bird to let them know you mean business.