It’s with a heavy heart that I must apologize for not getting a board out for yesterday’s FA Cup slate. Was I too busy to do one ? Nope. I just straight up wasn’t aware there were games. I goofed. I pulled a Jim Calhoun. I fucked up.

2 games & 2 picks for the Board today. Chelsea square off against Barnsley… So we’ll be on Chelsea today. Only suckers will take them money line at -530, so I’ll take them -1.5 at -140. If Chelsea wear their baby blue jerseys I like this even more. Shout out the Barnsley though for being named after such a great soccer handicapper, and for signing USMNT and former Orlando City forward Daryl Dike.

Wolves play Southampton in the 12:30 slot, and I don’t have any read on this game. Both these teams have been all over the place as of late. When in doubt, draw it out and hope for extra time at +215.

Would be remised if I didn’t congratulate the MLS and the MLSPA for reaching a deal. MLS is back on April 17th. Mortgage is on the Union. As always, kick it easy fellas.