Big ‘ol weekend for love. Here’s a short list of things that I love:

1. The Boardys

2. Midweek/Midday Footy

3. Today’s Board

I love sections of this board. Like a rose, this board ain’t thorn-free. Off the bat I love seeing Villa being a relatively small favorite against Brighton. Brighton aren’t going to get relegated like I wrongfully thought earlier in the year, but they are not Aston Villa. Picture Villa the same way you think about the Phoenix Suns. They are a really fun team to watch and will beat up against the bottom teams like Brighton (the EPL version of the Detroit Pistons). Taking Villa ML at +145.

I’m relapsing on Liverpool. I pronounced them dead to me last week, but I really like them against Leicester City. It’s a some things game too. Boys in red will be fired up for Klopp who lost his mom earlier this week. Liverpool ML +105 in honor of Mrs. Klopp.

All the plays I got for the kids today. Enjoy your weekend, find your Valentine, and kick it easy.