Alright, where to start… I’m a 33 year old male (A/S/L) that lives in Iowa.  Currently going through my 2nd mid life crisis, which I hope doesn’t mean I’m dead at 50 but I regress…. I’m Buckets, I do college football, I’m unapologetic and get straight to the point.  HOWEVAH, I realize this is not CFB season so that being said, I’m here to provide content where I can.  
Awhile back, my friends always said “Buckets, you talk so much shit but you never back it up” well, being the degenerate I am, I took them up on their offer.  I let them know if you can find someone my weight (I’m a smaller human) and I’ll fuck em up.  Not thinking theyd take action on this, I sat back and relaxed.  Come to know it, 1 week later I’m signed up for an amateur UFC bout in the octagon.  

I doubt that it was the fact of walking out to my own fight song (Smoke in the Air – CL Smooth), the actual octagon, or the fragence of the local strippers that posed as ring girls…. no this was my time to shine.  Basically, what I’m getting at, is take chance, get crazy, and do every experience you can to the fullest.  Until College Football season I’ll be posting content throughout, until then enjoy me fucking some kid up.  
Lets. Eat.- Buckets