Monday was perfect. Tuesday was a disaster, and who knows what Wednesday will bring to the Boardys. Soccer is a cruel mistress. She doesn’t give a damn about your happiness or your bankroll. She only cares about herself. But I care about your happiness, and I certainly care about your bankroll. Look Wednesday in the face and say “you’re not going to take away my joy today, and you’re certainly not going to deplete my wallet”. Let’s ride today Boardys. Play that funky music white boy.

Game of the day is Sevilla v. Dortmund. Both of these squads are super fun to watch and have both made prior boards successful. No hate in my heart for either of these squads which is rare for me. Haven’t taken any draws in the Round of 16 yet, so that’s changing with this game. Taking the juice of a draw at +230 is screaming in my face to take it, so I will.

Juve plays Porto today and I hate that I have to go against Porto. They are easily one of my favorite teams to watch. They just don’t have enough to beat Juventus who are gonna bounce back with a vengeance after losing to Napoli over the weekend. Juve ML -110 in this leg after a lose is a steady play..

Not doing EPL today out of respect for the Champions League. Please respect that decision I think it’s a valid one.

Kick it.

-Board Man