For everyone who says they don’t bet EPL or Champions League cause it’s too unpredictable, I present an impromptu Europa League board. The most unpredictable league in the universe.

Some of the teams in this competition you’ve never heard of, and the clubs you’ve heard of don’t even want to be their cause it’s not the Champions League. It’s the Wild West of international club soccer. Half the teams don’t give a damn about it but are clearly better teams, and the less-talented teams consider this their Super Bowl. It’s mayhem. Nonetheless it’s midweek footy and I’m not gonna miss out on the action. Could get ugly today fellas, so put on your big boy/girl pants.

Starting off the day with an outrageous 5 team parlay that involved no research. It’s a “This Feels Right” parlay. AC Milan, Hoffenheim, Rangers, Roma and Tottenham bundled in a +1100 parlay is one to those feels right kind of plays.

Individually I like Leicester City +120, the under of 2.5 at -125 in Krasnador/Zagreb, the over of 2.5 in Man U/Soceidad at +105, and pesky Shakhtar Donetsk at +130.

Wild board for a wild day of weather here in the northeast. Stay safe and kick it easy.