Everyone knows soccer is my true love. She’s my loving and caring wife. Regardless of my first love for soccer, I’m still just a man with impulses and urges. The biggest temptation in my life right now is Horizon League men’s basketball. It’s my guilty pleasure and I’m not afraid to say it.

Here’s a Horizon League map to show the grit this conference has.

This mid-major conference is criminally underrated. If you aren’t a blue collar city then don’t even thinking about asking for an invite into this prestigious conference. If you think Oakland University is in California then this is NOT the conference for you. Imagine being on one of these campuses in the winter… you can’t unless you’re Frozone from The Incredibles or Santa Claus. Heroes play in the Horizon.

First round of conference play starts tonight at 7. My teams in the Horizon are Wright State and Milwaukee, but if I had to pick one school it’d be Milwaukee. Those kids have so much heart.

Reach out into the Horizon. You may not be able to see past it, but you’ll be glad you went looking for glory past it. Long live mid-major basketball, and long live the Horizon League.