Short board this Saturday in terms of wordage. I don’t want to bombard the readers eyes on a Friday night or early Saturday night. Short and sweet for this Saturday slate. Let’s roll.

Burnley might be dead and it’s sad. If blue collar America had an EPL team solely based on grit and personality it’d be Burnley. I mean how can you not relate to their manager Sean Dyche? He’s the British version of a Delco guy. True salt of the earth material.

Despite my fondness for Burnley off the field, Everton ML -120 is a steal of a play.

Other than that I like small plays on the Chelsea/Leeds under of 2.5 goals at +105 in the early game, the over of 2.5 goals at -125 in the Man City/Fulham game, and a draw between Crystal Palace and West Brom at +205. That game is going to be a snooze fest but the other games are electric.

Sorry for the verbiage is promised wouldn’t be in the blog. Kick it easy and enjoy the weekend.